My Weight Loss Journey

For those of who do not know, I decided (when I was diagnosed with arthritis in my hips) that I desperately needed to lose weight. As I have been dieting (with mixed success) for years I decided that desperate measures were called for.

So, after researching options, I consulted with a Bariatric Surgeon – Dr. Matthew Metz.

On 30 May 2017 I had a Sleeve Gastrectomy. I am now six-weeks since the surgery (well, tomorrow, actually) and I wanted to share my progress with you, my friends and family. I plan to update this album periodically.

I cannot thank Dr. Metz and the staff at the Bariatric Spa enough! I am feeling much better – you’ll have to judge for yourself if there is any improvement in my appearance. Please check-back periodically to help keep me motivated!
2017-05-19Starting Point339.8
NOTE: The numbers presented here do not agree with the official numbers recorded at my doctor’s office. These are all recorded on my scale which reads a few pounds less than the scale at Dr. Metz’ office.